Womens psychology in dating

Send Me The Guide! Violent crime increases, rape and prostitution abounds, and wars are started. But when someone agrees with us, they validate our worldviews and as result we want continuing contact with that person. In fact, maybe you pass these tests… just by being you. He is the definition of needy — he needs approval and validation to feel good about himself.

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This about it like this:

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What Women Want: Female Psychology 101

So go back up to the top and read it. And the only way to pass this test is to gently but unfailingly refuse to let it consume you. Asking a feminine Woman to be quick and decisive on the phone is like telling a masculine guy that he needs to stay on the phone for 2 hours, regardless of if he has anything to talk about, for no particular reason. This is called attraction. The ultimate feeling of attraction is the same, but what creates it are VERY different in men and women. And they spend their lives chasing carrots that they never actually catch.

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womens psychology in dating
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womens psychology in dating
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