Skill based matchmaking bf4

Players are reporting that this glitch most often happens when someone is flying a ship and crashes into the ground. It's only good for the jeeps and stuff. Sep 15, 17, 1 Next, install an auto-balance algorithm. There's nothing wrong with that, just accept that you lose the encounter and try to do better next time. That's crazy, In my opinion they are OP I suck at the game btw because whenever i try take them out i get killed straight up everytime.

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Also, this is when I'm shooting them from the back - yet, they have time enough to turn around while being repeatedly shot and in one or two shots - kill me, even though I was repeatedly shooting them first.

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Dec 15, 5, 0 0 Germany. You got yourself caught! As many Star Wars Battlefront players have found on Reddit, an invincibility glitch has been found and well documented. Please don't implement skill-based matchmaking to a large degree in the final game. Even games are only fun when you have a squad anyway so if you are solo camping the light tank is all the fun you get.

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