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Wait what happened to the auto googleproofing that prevented us from typing L0u1s J gger? I'm having lunch with Lisa Thought you were going to the gym today What are you trying to say Actually I think he played it alone, at the end of the set, and I might have asked him to because I didn't know the phone convo tapes existed up until that point. I can only hope playing the same part on this message board over and over leads you to attempt suicide one day, too. Bunnies, Gif, and Target: Too much of a reach.

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I must be doing something right, given that most of my tutors think me capable of a first.

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Don't read your insecurities into it! So, do you guys think this going to be the worst thread ever, or just in the top five? That guy is a total aspie! Lately I wonder if I keep doing this thing as it is all I know, my only source of income, or just part of my personality. On the I Love Music messageboard, for example, 4, separate discussion threads feature the use of "meh". You must have been reading all the wrong posts. I can deal with your obnoxious quips, Serrated, stop trying to impress me.

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