Leo and virgo sex

At first, the Virgo Woman finds this unsettling. This is true if both parties put a strong focus on the strengths each party possesses. The struggle comes from finding the middle ground between them. Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo: At the same time this adventure-seeking, risk-taking, wild-boy attitude makes her nervous.

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Virgo is less showy and appreciates practical dates like hiking, biking or a sports event.

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Leo and Virgo Sexual Compatability

They can become domineering instead of taking on a leadership role. Trust may also be an issue for Virgo — they know Leo likes to spread the love around — but is it just words — or words followed by actions? If played correctly Leo becomes a love-sick pussy cat showering gifts and attention on Virgo who only thaws when the deal is signed, sealed and delivered with a promise of commitment. Leo finds the Virgo very attractive indeed and the situation can become pretty galvanizing. They have a giving and generous heart and have no problem seeing Virgo as a kindred spirit. Poor Virgo ends up having a panic attack every time they think about Leo with the credit cards! When it comes movie genres they surprisingly enjoy thrillers and action films — Virgo enjoys being scared and Leo is addicted to adrenaline.

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leo and virgo sex
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