Dota 2 matchmaking bad

It punishes them with retarded team mates instead of moving them up the ladder into better games with better players. Sounds like most people get games with newbs and say "omg valve mm so bad!! In his 10 most recent wins he has been 8 in a stack of between 3 and 5 people, therefore what Puppey does is not a valid arguement. From here, players that are new to a higher bracket play support and learn the ropes. Was this a result of the team improving matchmaking, or merely that the matchmaker could do a better job with a much larger pool of players? I am well aware of anyones skill after I see them play for a couple of minutes and I do not go on a rampage and insult them unless I want to have some fun and mess with them a little or if they tick me off with some dumb remarks some of which you are making. Keeping it real for over 25 years.

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Each co-op game when i was paired with 4 non stacked lvl 1 zero wins non smurfs. Here is a small present for you m8, because unfortunately I have to leave in a few minutes. Now, let's look at this Nemesis3xxx post: Do you even deny bro, etc,etc. What does MM do?

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dota 2 matchmaking bad
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