Harley and ivy kiss naked

The redhead put her arm over Harley's shoulder, so she did not get cold, for it was a little bit chilly. Ivy told her to sit right next to her, and then closed her eyes. It's a deal… Come on; let's continue this on my bedroom. Thank you in advance! The two also share quite a few romantic moments. Replied the gymnast who placed one hand on each side of the plant queen's head. This is a pretty normal scene but we rarely get to see the pair in their usual outfits.

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And honestly that wasn't even on purpose.

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9 Biggest WTF Harley Quinn Moments

None of them knew what to say or to do. The other is a very toxic lady clad in the skimpiest of dresses. Ivy kissed her, and said: Quinzel became Harley Quinn, thus losing her innocence forever. Why do you tell yourself that you aren't as pretty as me, or even prettier? Just like her costume, her lingerie had the same red and black pardon. Harley herself was enjoying what she was doing to Ivy, do to the fact that the red girl's juices tasted like peppermint.

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harley and ivy kiss naked
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harley and ivy kiss naked
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  1. beautiful. i hope skylar doesn't get all coked out and start looking anorexic. love her thick natural body